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Viva Mexico – Food Tech Summit & Expo.

Food Tech Talk BENEO Speech

What a feeling to sit on the plane again and travelling across the ocean. It’s been a while for me – almost 3 years! I was on my way to Mexico, very excited to be attending the Food Tech Summit in Mexico City. Loved being back in Mexico with its cheery colors, kind people, yummy guacamole (with grasshoppers – yes, I tried it!) and of course mariachi bands ?.

Back to business…

After a few important customer meetings with my Mexican sales colleagues, we were getting ready together with some colleagues from the US for the Food Tech Summit & Expo which seemed busier than ever this year. I was not only attending the conference where I had the opportunity to speak to many interested customers about our ingredients but was also giving a speech at the Food Tech Talks. My topic was on healthy ageing, addressing the silver generation and how BENEO’s science-based ingredients can be of support for different health benefits.

I have to say, I was quite nervous to be on stage again in front of more than 130 participants after such a long time working from home in front of my laptop screen. However, soon after I started with my presentation, I was able to engage with the audience and really enjoyed being able to share information about this important topic. For all those of you who are now interested, feel free to check out our BENEO-Institute healthy ageing brochure for more information.

Silke giving a speech at the Food Tech Talks
on healthy ageing, addressing the silver generation.

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