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A different kind of interview about winning Olympic Gold

Interview about winning Olympic Gold

I had the pleasure to talk to Tanja Callewaert, a Belgian sports nutritionist and dietitian, at BENEO’s European Regional Workshop 2022 in Spain. Tanja is “not just” a dietitian but the nutrition coach for the Belgium women’s national gymnastics team, Team BELGYM, who won gold in the 2020 Olympics with Nina Derwael! I didn’t really know what to expect when I was asked to interview Tanja to find out about her job as the nutrition coach for Team BELGYM. After my first call with her, I realized quickly that this wasn’t “just a job” for her – it is Tanja’s passion, she is in it 100%. It became clear that her dedication is driven by her deep care and strong relationship with the girls.

100% Passion

Having been a gymnast herself, added another personal touch to this.

It was so lovely getting to know Tanja. In her easy-going and open way, she shared this important part of her life with me. I could feel her excitement, empathy and emotions not only through her words but also through her expressive body language.

Being a dietitian myself, we have something in common, our passion for nutrition. I could relate to what she said. Taking care of others and making sure to provide them with healthy food options so that they can make the most of themselves.

When Tanja shared the secret with me on the right diet to become a successful gymnast, I could see parallels to the health benefits with Palatinose™ and chicory root fibres, an advantage compared to other carbs! If you want to read more about the interview with Tanja and how our BENEO ingredients can fit into a gymnast’s diet, stay tuned…


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