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How to make delicious vegetarian chicken pieces.

vegetarian chicken pieces

Our colleagues at the BENEO-Technology Center are experts in the development of delicious food products with nutritional and/or technical benefits, while still obtaining a pleasant taste and amazing texture. Recently, they have made great recipes for meat or fish alternatives containing BENEO’s textured wheat protein, such as these delicious vegetarian chicken pieces. We have several types of textured wheat proteins available in our portfolio with different protein content and particle size. You can select the most suitable ingredient depending on the needed properties for your final product. 

vegetarian chicken pieces

Textured wheat protein can be used to make for example vegan or vegetarian burgers and sausages with a meat-like texture and great taste, plant-based fresh and frozen prepared meals, fish imitation products and many more. If you want to know how easy it is to prepare delicious vegetarian chicken pieces with textured wheat protein, just click below and watch the short video. The imitation chicken pieces can be used in several ways such as in a salad, add them to your sandwich or bake them in the pan as you do with a regular chicken filet.

Enjoy watching the movie and in case of questions, please feel free to contact us.


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