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Author: Susana Elgueta

Susana Elgueta

Susana Elgueta

Susana Elgueta has been with BENEO in Pemuco for 17 years, since the construction of the plant in Chile. Initially as an assistant manager and currently she is the Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator, she is responsible for internal communications, external communications and the development of programs with the community nearby the Pemuco plant, contributing to the concept of sustainability.
She is a commercial engineer by profession with specialising in strategic communication, and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and cycling.

  • Chicory campaign 2022 at BENEO in Chile

    Chicory campaign 2022 at BENEO in Chile

    During this 2022 chicory campaign, there were many challenges and lessons to learn, but thanks to the efforts, quick adaptation and good attitude of the entire BENEO Chile team, we managed to complete this campaign in a positive way. For the first time in the company’s history, two women were integrated as mechanics in the…