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Author: Denisse Colindres

Denisse Colindres

Denisse Colindres

Denisse graduated with honors from the University of Loyola (New Orleans, USA) with a Bachelor´s degree in Biological Sciences (2000). Curious to experience Europe, she went to the Netherlands to pursue a Master of Science MSc. degree in Human Nutrition and Health at the University of Wageningen (2005-2007). There she discovered an interest in consumer perception of health messages on food packaging and pursued an internship on perception and acceptance of health claims in a functional food product at the Center for Innovative Consumer Studies (CICS, NL) and also published a peer-reviewed article based on her Master thesis project called Are Facial Expressions a good indicator of food preferences in school-aged children? (Food Quality and Preference, 2009). She went further on to work as Nutrition consultant for EUFIC (European Food Information Council). In 2014, Denisse received a diploma in Management from the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

“I was always convinced that what nutrition and food influencers choose to communicate from nutrition research will impact the way people eat and will affect the way companies formulate their food products”

In March 2015, Denisse joined BENEO as Nutrition Communication Manager for North America and worked between Europe and the US to support BENEO´S Nutrition Communication efforts in the United States. In September 2016, Denisse moved from Belgium to the United States with her family to fully support BENEO’s Nutrition communication efforts in the North American region, bringing with her over 13 years of experience in food and nutrition.