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Yellow team spirit, from Brussels to Paris.

Team Rynkeby Belgium

Team Rynkeby Belgium is part of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, which includes 65 teams in 8 European countries. Their moto “We cycle for life – We collect money for paediatric research” nicely represents their purpose. This summer, Team Rynkeby Belgium organised a 1200k cycling event from Brussels to Paris with the purpose of collecting money for paediatric research. The ride took place from 9 to 16 July. On one of the training days in preparation of this event, the team drove by our white house in Tienen. We spent a lovely hour with them, chatting about their experience while enjoying some tasty food in the sun.

Team Rynkeby Belgium visited BENEO in Tienen
Optimally equipped…
and empowered with the best ingredients

Afterwards, we had a talk with Morten Petersen, the country manager of the Belgian Rynkeby team. In this interview he tells us a bit more about the team and their goals. We were very interested in hearing about his experiences with Palatinose™ and how he uses this functional ingredient in his nutritional plan.

His insights leading up to their race to Paris? Find out more in the video interview…

After the race to Paris, we were eager to talk to Morten about his conclusions.

Tell us, how did the trip go?

Our trip went extremely well and our Palatinose™ based drink served us very well as energy source.

All in all our Palatinose™ drink did the expected job of giving us liquid energy throughout the total of 1.074km, 8.172 altimeters and 45h35m ride from Brussels to Paris.

How did you tackle this long distance?

We had built-up every day-ride on the basis of food stops every 50km permitting also to refill bottles and eat something like sandwiches at the morning stop (10:30) and pasta at the lunch stop (1pm). The combination of the food and the liquid Palatinose™ energy drink gave everyone the needed energy supply throughout the days permitting everyone to complete all stages with a smile.

What advantages did Palatinose™ bring to the table?

Although the main technical advantage of Palatinose™ is the slow absorption rate, the fact that its sweetener intensity is much lower than white sugar makes the drink much more acceptable to drink in large volumes. This latter has undoubtably been a great advantage as many riders were very concerned about the potential disgust of having to consume a lot of sugar.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine to prepare our 2023 Tour de Paris (Brussels-Strasbourg-Paris) trip without a Palatinose™ based drink.

Many thanks for your sponsorship and for the efforts done to engage in our 2022 tour.

Morten Petersen powered by Palatinose™
The yellow team spirit
Everyone could complete all stages with a smile

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