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Muddy Angel Run against breast cancer

Muddy Angels 2022

BENEO’s “Women Power” supports the charitable association Breast Cancer Germany e. V.

What has started early this year with a tentative proposal during a meeting has turned into a real mud fight: 14 female colleagues from BENEO’s Offstein plant in Germany decided to participate in the Muddy Angel Run in Mannheim, Germany. 

The Muddy Angel Run is a platform for donations to support organisations that are committed to fighting breast cancer. Hence the participants’ entry fee is donated. The 5 kilometer obstacle run – including lots of water and mud – is open to women of all ages and fitness levels: good atmosphere, mud, and team spirit are its most important ingredients.

On Saturday, 2 July 2022 the time had come and the excitement rose among BENEO’s Muddy Angels. What will be in store for us?

After an initial warm-up to really get into mood, the run started. Through dense fog the view opened up and there was already the first challenge: an ice-cold water pool with a barrier that you had to walk through. The next one came into view after a short trail slalom. Now each participant had to dive through a brown ‘broth’. Those who emerged too clean were brought to the right level of dirt by their fellows. After a total of 15 obstacles a cold shower had to be mastered at the very end accompanied by loud cheering of the team and the accompanying supporters.

After the mud obstacle
Run across the finish line

With hot summer temperatures, these refreshments were of course appreciated by the entire team. For the  fans on site, the course map was very helpful to cheer on their team in parallel and capture photos/videos as a lasting memory.

The “Offstein Mud Angels”, well equipped with Palatinose™ T-shirts, mastered the entire course with a lot of fun. Many tips and helping hands were given to each other, so that all participants crossed the finish line together – hand in hand. In which time? Nobody cares! At the finish line, one thing quickly became clear: This event was a great opportunity to create awareness on the subject of breast cancer. And at the same time it further enhanced the great team spirit and feeling of togetherness  beyond single departments. 

Everyone is keen to start again in 2023!

Together we are strong!

After the finish – graduation “We are Muddy Angels!”

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