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BENEO’s “Journées Entreprise” in Oreye are back!

Journees Entreprise 2022

Journées Entreprise is a yearly recurring company event at BENEO’s site in Oreye, Belgium. For the people onsite participating in the company days it is an opportunity to meet colleagues from other departments that you don’t often see, to learn more about the company and current projects, and above all to have a good time with colleagues and share a delicious meal. After two years without company events, the team of our Oreye plant could finally get together again on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 30 June.

A day on site rather than off-site

Although we usually hold our company days off-site, this was the first time that we held them on site. We made the Refinery’s grass field our playground: a marquee with panels to inform about current projects, a stretched canvas to eat in the shade, stand-up tables to welcome the participants and eat in the sun, a country-style decoration, goodies, a good barbecue… and off we went!

What did people say about the Journées Entreprise?

I could also talk to some of my colleagues who enjoyed the revival of the Journées Entreprise a lot.

“I liked this year’s company days a lot. There was no time pressure at all, whether it was for the activities or for the lunch, so it was very leisure-like. We had an excellent barbecue and the explanations of the different panels were very good as it gave a more accurate view of ongoing projects. I’m looking forward to next year and to be able to exchange and spend a good time with colleagues. It’s fun to mix education with entertainment.”

Isabelle Van Der Gucht, receptionist

“I found the event site very nice and I ate very well. I liked the fact that the director’s speech was less long and with a lot less figures, because in my opinion, you obviously need figures but not too many. Although I enjoyed this edition, I am looking forward to a future company day off-site. I had a little taste of too little because the program was only half a day long and I had to take my 2-10pm shift straight afterwards..”

Stéphane Lefebvre, packaging operator

“This was my first participation in the company days and I had a great time. I found it original and unique to have this type of event on the site of a factory and to eat with the factory as a backdrop. I had the opportunity to meet colleagues for the first time on a more informal basis and the stands gave me global but precise information on several ongoing projects. I would also like to underline the commitment of the people who presented the stands, the good organisation of these days and the quality of the lunch.”

Valérie Geladi, purchaser
Have a good time with colleagues and share a delicious meal
Explore panels to inform about current projects
Meet colleagues from other departments that you don’t often see

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